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Moscow Bar Show 2013

For the visitor

1. Where To Stay

For the participants and visitors of the International Exhibition «Moscow Bar Show»
as a part of the special offer we recommend those hotels, which are easy-to-reach with respect to the
Crocus Expo EC and provide high-quality service.

Manager: Kashtanova Marina
Phones: +7 (495) 226-03-35, +7 (963) 785-58-96
Fax: +7(495) 660-06-96
E-mail: kashtanova@mscgroup.ru

2. How To Get To Us

Crocus Expo Exhibition Center

Moscow, 65–66 km of the Moscow Ring Road, Crocus City Trade and Exhibition Complex, Crocus Expo IEC.
Myakinino subway station.

• Passage:
— By municipal transport: Myakinino subway station, exit directly
in front of the exhibition pavilions.
— By car: crossing of 66 km of the Moscow Ring Road (outer side) and Volokolamskoe highway.

• Coordinates for GPS-navigators:
Latitude: 55°49'9.86" N (55.819405)
Longitude: 37°23'11.49" E (37.386524)

3. Rules of Visiting

These rules are binding on all visitors of the exhibition and aimed at ensuring safety and comfortable stay of exhibitors and visitors at the exhibition.

• Exhibition venue and dates

Exhibition dates: October 1st – 3rd, 2013
Exhibition opening hours: 11:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m.
Exhibition venue: Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, pavilion #3, hall #12

• The visitor shall:

— Be above 18 years of age
— Have a document certifying his/her age (passport, driver’s license)
— Show a document certifying the date of birth upon first request of the exhibition organizers,
check-in workers, security

The preliminary on-line registration ensuring the free admission to an exhibition is valid
until September 25th, 2013.

The preliminary on-line registration procedure is as follows:
— Fill up a visitor’s form on the website
— E-ticket will be sent to your e-mail after filling up a form on the website
— Print e-ticket and take it to an exhibition obligatory
— Exchange the printed e-ticket to the visitor’s badge at the check-in desk
— Get a wristband at the check-in desk

During exhibition dates (October 1st -3rd, 2013) the preliminary on-line registration is closed.
You can buy a ticket only at Crocus Expo IEC’s booking offices, pavilion #3. The cost of ticket for 3 days is 500 RUB.

• The check-in procedure at an exhibition is as follows:

— Buy a ticket at Crocus Expo IEC’s booking office, pavilion #3
— Fill up a visitor’s form at the check-in desk
— Exchange the filled up visitor’s form to the visitor’s badge at the check-in desk
— Get a wristband at the check-in desk

— Retain a check (if available) and a badge until the end of an exhibition.
— You must wear a wristband on your hand during the whole day of visiting the exhibition. Do not take your wristband off when you are at the exhibition.
— The wristband is not subject to renewal.
— The repeated entry to the exhibition is possible upon presentation of the badge and the wristband
— The badge renewal in case of its loss is possible only upon presentation of the passport (driver’s license) and the wristband.

• Visiting the master classes and competitions IS FREE

• Sale and purchase of alcoholic beverages at the exhibition ARE PROHIBITED

• Tasting at the exhibitors’ stands is carried out at the discretion and according to the
individual rules and regulations of the exhibitor.

The exhibitor can deny tasting.

Smoking is possible only in the specially allotted territories of Crocus Expo IEC.

If a representative of the Organizer or security addresses himself/herself to you,
it’s recommended to follow his/her recommendations and requests

A special security organization ensures order and safety for your easy and comfortable visiting the exhibition. The security officers’ requests are binding on all visitors of the exhibition.

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