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Moscow Bar Show 2013

To the exhibitor

1. General Information

Exposition assembly: September 28th – 30th, 2013 – 08:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m.

Exhibition opening hours: October 1st – 3rd, 2013, 11:00 a.m. – 19:00 p.m. – for the visitors
10:00 a.m. – 20:00 p.m. – for the exhibitors

Exposition disassembly: October 4th, 2013, 08.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.

— Admission of the exhibitors’ workers to assembly/disassembly of exposition shall be carried out upon
presentation of the exhibitors’ badges.
— The exhibitors’ badges are issued by the Exhibition Organizer in the amount of 1 badge for every 3 m 2
stand area.
The assembly passes for the project developers’ workers are issued at the Service-center desk of
Crocus Expo IEC upon filing of an application indicating the list of persons and passport data of those, who need
to obtain a pass. The application shall be executed on the letterhead paper of the exhibitor.

2. Participation Formats


Cost is indicated including VAT

11 500 RUB
Lease of the raw space (1 м 2 )
14 400 RUB
Lease of the standard stand (1 м 2 )

Set of furniture and equipment in case of a standard development depends on the stand area

140 000 RUB
Lease of the comprehensive stand (4 м 2 )

Stands are located around the Main Stage perimeter.
Comprehensive development includes:
— back wall, suspended shelves on the back wall, reception stand, 1 bar chair, carpeted floor, lightning, 1 kW socket;
— logo drawing on the front side of reception desk and wall.

20 000 RUB
Entry fee

Placement of participant information:
— on the exhibition website (Russian/English version),
— in the exhibition official catalogue (Russian/English version),
— on the exhibition official invitations,
— on the participants’ badges.

The partnership possibilities allow using the potential of the exhibition to introduce the company (brand)
into the Russian market to the maximum effect.
The partnership packages are made individually and include:
— use of logo and status of a partner in the exhibition design;
— use of logo and status of a partner in the exhibition advertising campaign (exhibition website, catalogue,
advertising inserts in the information partners’ editions, etc.);
— exclusive use of the partner’s products by experts/participants of competitions.
Possible sponsorship packages:
— Exhibition Official Partner (only for non-alcoholic brands);
— Official Partner of the MBS CUP All-Russian Competitions;
— Official Partner of the TITANSWORLDOPEN World Championship;
— VIP-Lounge Official Partner
Klyuchko Irina
Project Coordinator
+ 7 (495) 637-94-40
extension number 126

Holding master classes and presentations
Possibility to hold your own master class or presentation at the specially equipped Demo Bar #1, Demo Bar #2,
Spirits Area grounds. Master classes and presentations will be included to the official program of exhibition events, announced on the website, in the official catalogue, and also at the information desks during the exhibition dates.
50 000 RUB
Cost of 1 hour presentation is
Broadcast of commercials on LCD screens
8 vertical LCD screens composed of three 42’’ plasma panels will be placed at entrance to all
specialized grounds in the territory of the Moscow Bar Show 2013 Exhibition. Broadcast is carried out at
all 8 structures simultaneously. During 3 days of exhibition the following information will be placed
on the LCD screens:
— Screen #1 – Exhibitors’ commercials;
— Screen #2 – Alternation of description of the current master class and timetable of all master classes per day
at this ground;
— Screen #3 – Timetable of all master classes at this ground for all exhibition working days.
Duration of 1 commercial is 40-60 sec.
40 000 RUB
Cost of 1 commercial is
Placement of advertisement in the exhibition official catalogue
120 000 RUB
Advertising module 2 pages (double-page spread)
60 000 RUB
Advertising module 1 page
40 000 RUB
Advertising module ½ pages
30 000 RUB
Advertising module 1/5 page
20 000 RUB
Advertising module 1/10 page
80 000 RUB
Advertising module 2nd cover
70 000 RUB
Advertising module 3rd cover
15 000 RUB
Coloring the company’s name in the list of exhibitors
10 000 RUB
Footnote next to the layout

Logo, number of stand, pointer to the stand

Evening events
The unique possibility not only to visit, but to hold your own event in one of the best bars of Moscow
with the participation of world stars and bar business experts, where you can present the new product,
technology or brand, get some advice on development of your campaign and evaluate the promotion
possibilities at the Russian market. Each party offers sponsorship participation of only one alcoholic brand.
The number of events is strictly limited.

3. Customs Service

Trade Fairs & Events
Mr. Thomas Hofmann (Head of International
Fairs & Events)
E-mail: Thomas.Hofmann1@dhl.com

Mrs. Elena Paule (Project Manager International
Trade Fairs & Events)
E-mail: Elena.Paule@dhl.com
Am Eifeltor 12, 50997 Cologne, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 221 / 39802 - 45
Fax: +49 (0) 221 / 39802 – 20
Internet: http://www.dhl-tfe.com

• Panalpina Welttransport GmbH
Exhibition & Event Logistics
Mr. Frank Poettgen
Business Unit Development Manager / Vice President
Phone: +49 (40) 23771 1285
Fax: +49 (40) 23771 1900
Mobile: +49 (160) 8854775
Fax: +49 (0) 40 23771-1245
E-mail: frank.poettgen@panalpina.com

Mr. Tim Kistenmacher
Manager Russia, C.I.S., Europe
Phone: +49 (40) 23771 1281
Fax: +49 (40) 23771 1900
Mobile: +49 (0) 160 880 5718
Mobile RUS: +7 985 8985514
E-mail: tim.kistenmacher@panalpina.com

4. Questions and Answers

• We have a standard stand. When can we bring our products?

The standard stand construction (shall be preliminary ordered via Organizer) and equipping with furniture
are carried out on the first-come-first-serve basis. It’s impossible to say when this or that
stand will be exactly built. That is why the best time for arrival is the last day of assembly afternoons.

We have to replenish food/advertising stock on the stand during exhibition.
What is the best way to do this?

Large volume of products is brought through the assembly gate. In order to drive up to it, you shall buy a
vehicle pass. You can drive up before the exhibition opening hours, i.e. until 10:00 a.m. In order to carry your
products through the gate you shall have a certified letters from the Organizer and Crocus Expo.
Please be aware that Crocus Expo certifies the documents as of the date of delivery. Take care of it in advance.
A box with fruits or a package with advertising brochures can be brought through the main entry having
certified letters from the Organizer and Crocus Expo.

We are going to have a bracket (banner, chandelier, etc.) on the stand. How can we order this

At any type of development (standard or using your own resources), the order procedure is the same:
— Supplement # 5 to the contract with each mandatory field to be completed
— Sketch of suspended structure
— Top view of the stand on the network indicating the bracket location
Received documents are sent for estimation by the Organizer to the Crocus Expo.
If it’s possible to suspend the structure, and the weight and suspension points are calculated correctly,
the Manager working with your company will notify you of it and issue an invoice.

• I came to the stand and saw I had no chair/table I’ve ordered (I’m supposed to have).

Check whether you ordered it and whether it’s marked on the plan which was sent by you to the Organizer
(See the stand layout in Supplement 4c). Moreover, your furniture can be «borrowed» by your colleagues
from the neighboring stands who are lack of something. If everything is ordered (marked), and if you are
constantly present at the stand, your furniture will be in place. Note that the exhibition will start
working for the visitors at 11:00 a.m., and for the exhibitors – at 8:00 a.m.

Supplement #1 to the contract: clause 14.3. At the last day of assembly and during the exhibition opening hours, the Exhibitor’s representatives shall be constantly present at the stand.

• The pass for the vehicle to approach the assembly gate was taken away by the driver (was lost).
What shall I do?

The pass, like a cinema ticket, can’t be renewed or exchanged. That is why you should handle it with care.
At a last resort, you will have to buy a new one. Also do not forget that the pass is valid both for assembly and disassembly. (For full information on arrival/departure see Supplement #1 to the contract, clause 13.)

• Where can I get the assembly passes for developers?

The assembly/disassembly passes are issued at BuildExpo LLC based on the application indicating
the full name and passport data (see Supplement #1 to the contract, clause 13.4) while undergoing accreditation.

• Can I order additional furniture/lightning during assembly?

Yes, you can. But:
— It will cost you two times more.
— Your order will be fulfilled after full equipment of all standard stands ordered PRIOR TO assembly
by the Build Expo General Developer.
Note that these works are carried out practically until the last hours of assembly. That is why it’s better to order everything in time.

• Where can I set a seal for bringing in/taking out products?

The seal is affixed by the Exhibitors’ Managers at the exhibitors’ check-in desk.

• Can I bring my own video- and audio equipment for the stand?

Yes, you can. The Exhibitor or the Project Developer shall receive approval at the Build Expo
Audio and Video Facilities Department at Crocus Expo IEC, pavilion #1 for all brought audiovisual equipment.
This service shall be paid by the Exhibitor/ Project Developer according to the Build Expo tariffs.

• How shall be water connected to the stand?

The Organizer reserves the right to use the optimal route for laying hoses to the connection
points in case of sanitary connections, including around the perimeter of a stand. In case of changing the
route for laying hoses at the Exhibitor’s wish, the additional length of hoses amounting to more than
10 l.m. shall be paid by the Exhibitor at his own expense.

The water supply will be carried out from 8.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m. during the exhibition days.
Each water consumer requires an individual connection, i.e. if 1 water connection is ordered,
then IT’S PROHIBITED to separate it for 2 or more consumers!
In case of reveal of self-installed sanitary couplers (manifolds) by the workers of Crocus Expo IEC, you will be denied of water supply until this violation has been completely eliminated.

5. Where To Stay

For the participants and visitors of International Exhibition «Moscow Bar Show»,
as a part of the special offer, we recommend those hotels, which are easy-to-reach with respect
to the Crocus Expo EC and which provide high-quality service.

Manager: Kashtanova Marina
Phone: +7 (495) 660-06-95
Fax: +7 (495) 660-06-96
Mob. phone: +7 (963) 785-58-96
E-mail: kashtanova@mscgroup.ru

6. How To Get To Us

Crocus Expo Exhibition Center

• Address:
Moscow, 65–66 km of the Moscow Ring Road, Crocus City Trade and Exhibition Complex, Crocus Expo IEC.
Myakinino subway station.

• Passage:
— By municipal transport: Myakinino subway station, exit directly in front of the exhibition pavilions.
— By car: crossing of 66 km of the Moscow Ring Road (outer side) and Volokolamskoe highway.

• Coordinates for GPS-navigators:
Latitude: 55°49'9.86" N (55.819405)
Longitude: 37°23'11.49" E (37.386524)

IEC ‘Crocus Expo’, Pavilion 3, Hall 13
65-66 km Moscow Ring Road
Metro station «Myakinino»
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